Director: Chris Allen

Based on his Grandad's memory of an incident during the war "Everything we have ever done or been involved in, is there in our memory somewhere, all you need is a trigger". 


Annecy 2010, Ottawa Canada 2010, Monstra Lisbon 2010, ITFS Stuttgart 2010, Mecal international Barcelona 2010 Animated Exeter 2010, E-Magiciens French Animation 2009, Stoke Your Fires 2010, Clermont-Ferrand Short Film 2011, TOFUZI Georgia 2010, Film Palace Fest Bulgaria 2010, 'Stars of Students' in hiroshima 2010
Director: Chris Allen
Co-Director: Tara Baker
Animators: David Abiose, Chris Allen, Tara Baker, Tim Grant
Additional Animation: Paul Knight, Lizzie Sevenoaks, Benjamin Riehl
Watercolour: Tara Baker, Lizzie Sevenoaks, Chris Allen
Compositor: Chris Allen, Tara Baker
Assitant Compositor: Benjamin Riehl, Paul Knight
Composer: Kirstie Hewlett
Sound: Krishnan Subramanian
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