Animating in CelAction is fast and inevitably growing more and more popular in this industry, particularly within British children's TV. Therefore I decided to enrol on a 2 week course at King Rollo Studios in Devon to see what all the fuss is about.

The course was fantastic and brilliantly taught by Ben Cady and Jessica Davies. I learnt about both sides of production; how to build and rig a character from scratch and how to animate, use masks, display orders and effects with CelAction’s unique interface!

Throughout the course I was feeling more and more confident with using the software and I was happy to break the character to achieve the poses I wanted.
CelAction is all about hierarchies and using display orders or masks to achieve the appearance of an object being on top or behind another. For example on this shot the boy spins while grabbing the balloon. To achieve this I would break the boys rig and move his arms and shoulders from front to back give the impression of a spin.
During the last few days on the course we had the freedom to do what we wanted. I decided I wanted to create a short (very short) story. I started by quickly designing a character on paper first, then opened up photoshop to create the final artwork. As you can see it was a very simple set up; a few different mouth and nose shapes and a belt that could bend around his belly. The circles around his body are pivot points e.g shoulder, elbow and wrist.
Before I brought the man character into CelAction to rig I knew my story needed some props, including mr Mole with an extremely simple rig!

Using the hierarchy system I rigged all the characters (actors) and laid them out in the scene. Then I started animating!
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